Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Screw you, Lunchables! >:D

I am the Mother of a quirky 13 year old daughter who knows much more than I ever could know, and a lazy 15 year old son whose idea of lunch is an entire box of granola bars "because it's easy".

My daughter adamantly tells me that she has superpowers that allow her to get through an entire school day on a bagel or some oatmeal because it's simply "not cool" to have lunch at school and there's simply no time to eat in the 45 minute lunch break that they're given. 

That's when I decided to up the "cool factor" on school lunches so that I know that they're at least eating somewhat decently.  Neither of them like sandwiches and end up throwing them out regardless of how awesome I make them, so I don't waste my time!  (I personally hate sandwiches too, so I can't really fault them for that.)  The boyfriend likes whatever, so he's not a problem.

I tried a few different things last year and nothing seemed to work.  I guess it's too hard to have to look in the cupboard AND the fridge.  They just went straight for the cupboard snacks, which is all crap (yes, I like to have some junk food laying around the house, but I definitely like my healthier snacks too!)

I bought a bunch of Betty Crocker toss-away containers from the dollar store.  They come 2/pack for $1.25. Not bad, seeing as how my daughters other superpower is that she loses shit.  All.The.Time.  Grrr!  

These are what I made!  *proud smile*

Each one has some good, some bad in it but everyone seems to love them, so I'll keep making them and changing it up a bit each time.  

These ones have a:
Granola bar
Cheese and Pepperoni stick
Yoghurt covered raisins
Fruit snacks
Baby carrots
Campari tomato
Sweet mini pepper

So like I said in the title... Screw you, Lunchables!  You ain't got nothin' on me, and these probably cost less than $1.50 for each snackbox!  Win-Win! 


  1. Love that! My kids would like it too and they're super picky.

  2. You said "s. . " Love it.


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