Saturday, 3 November 2012

Our new coffee nook.

With the recent addition of 3 coffee drinkers in our home the kitchen counter just wasn't cutting it anymore, and to be honest... I hate people in my fricking kitchen!!!  I saw a couple of these coffee nooks on Pinterest and decided that I must have one!  We had bought the table a few years ago for $25 in a clearance store and had been using it as a fish tank stand at our old townhouse, but since buying our first home, we hadn't really found a use for it yet, it just collected dust.  I thought it was gonna be perfect, but it still got too cluttery, what with all the mugs and coffee cans hanging out on there, so we found the two shelves at Home Depot for $13/each today.  Hooray!!!  It's quite a cozy looking nook and makes sitting at the table having a coffee much more appealing.  What do you think?  

I want to get one of those K-cup dispensers to put next to my Keurig now too.  I'm not sure what else this area needs, but for now it makes me smile.  :)


  1. Marie smells like poo, and her brother is awesome.

    1. How you know this isn't Mike? (plus it's Stephen, not Steve)

    2. When you start being nicer, I'll start calling you Stephen.


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