Friday, 12 September 2014

It's Been A While!

I've been secretly crafting away in my "Secret Project Room", making millions of things for my wedding.  My latest was some bunting for our engagement photoshoot that's coming up next month.  I didn't quite know how I was going to make this, and was originally thinking of cardstock because the local scrapbooking store lets you use their die-cutting machine if you purchase the paper there.  Score!  But I wanted something that was going to last longer so I went to the fabric store and dug around in the discount bins until I found some off-white fabric for $5.

I spent the evening cutting out triangles but wasn't completely happy with them.  The fabric seemed to stretch and fray and it just didn't look perfect enough!  I had bought some felt from the dollar store which I was going to do my numbers with, then I thought "Why don't I use the excess to make the triangles?"  Ding, ding, ding... We have a winner!!!

It took a bit of sitting in the sun and cutting, but felt is pretty forgiving, and so was the sun.  I quite enjoyed myself.  I wasn't sure how to attach the felt to the felt and had read that there is a special felt glue.  I am not one for using the right material for the right job (mostly), so I used my Mod Podge.  It worked perfectly!  I didn't put it on too thick as I'd read that the glue seeps through, and I put weights on each piece after I'd glued it...Those numbers are stuck!

Here's the finished project, all sewed up on some white crosgrain ribbon and hanging in my secret project room.  I noticed that the "6" is a little wonky after it was all done, but that's ok.  It still all turned out better than I'd expected in the first place, and it's going to last forever!!!

If I had to do something like this again (and I totally would!), I would do a few things differently.  I would buy some freezer paper to make the letter/number templates with, then iron them to the fabric before cutting.  It was still fairly easy to freehand them, but imagine the awesome fonts you could use with a template!!!  I would also leave no spaces between each flag as it ends up being pretty long.  My daughter also thinks that I should have used black ribbon instead of white, but I kind of like the white.  

I'm thinking about making a "Thank You" banner to use during our Wedding Photoshoot, then we can send that picture out as thank you cards after the wedding!  Stay tuned!

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