Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Personalized Coat Hangers.

Here's a cutesy little project that I made all by my lonesome!  I needed somewhere to hang keys, backpacks, and jackets, rather than them always being thrown on the floor or the coffee table (grrrr!). 

I'm not sure if  I 100% like these or not.  In retrospect I wish that I'd have just gotten black and white 8x10 pictures printed out and just had the pictures, but I guess it personalizes it just that much more to have each persons name and stickers that are relevant to them. 

The whole project cost me about $15, so it was fairly cheap and yes, they actually get used!  I should have made one for the dog so that we can hang his leash on it, but I ran out of wall.  Hehe. 

Picture frames $1.25 each at the dollar store.
Hooks $6 for 4 at Home depot.
Pictures $0.20 each at Walmart. 
I already had the stickers laying around in my scrapbooking room!

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