Saturday, 7 January 2012

From dungeon to bar!

When we bought this house, it had a huge 31ft long rec room!  Awesome!  What wasn't so awesome was that nothing had ever been done to it since the house was built in the 60's.  Lance and I wanted to turn the room into a cozy Irish type bar/media room. 
Lance, being Lance... Did not take a before picture of the basement (of course), but you get the idea.  The ceiling was seriously outdated and probably carcinogenic!  The door to the back room was in the way so that back wall was pretty much unusable.  Oh, and you can't do home reno's without double fisting two beers!  :P 

We decided to move the door to the back room.  I found out that drywalling is a horrendous job.  It's not fun at all. 

The ceiling was a huge job, but it looks beautiful!  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that ugly old fireplace. 

A few coats of paint later and I can feel the cozy factor already!  It does make the room feel a bit smaller though, but that's just fine.  :)

Here's Lance and my Daughter and the beginning of our bar!  Now I'm getting excited!!!

It sort of looks like a tiki bar right now, but not for long...

There we go!!!  We put the 2nd shelf and lighting up last night.  We made the bar top ourselves and I just love how glossy it is!  It's a bit dusty from all the shelf-drilling we did, but even with the dust, you can still see the reflection of the shelving in it!!!

And here's a view of what it's like with the shelving lights on and the big old pot lights off!  So pretty. 

We still have lots (and I mean LOTS) of work to do in this room, but we're chipping away at it.  :) 
We might even be able to have our housewarming party soon!!!

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