Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Home Made Dry Erase Boards

Another craft I found online were these cute dry erase boards.  They were so easy that anyone can make them.  I have been commissioned by my daughter to make one for her.  Hey, if it helps her become more organized, then I'm all for it!

These cost me $5.00 for both as I already had the paper so I just had to buy the frames, dry erase pens and I also bought the "Menu" stickers, but I really didn't need to.  Hehe.  Surprisingly, you can buy some decent glass frames at the dollar stores! 

All you need to do is take whatever scrapbook paper you want to use (depending on what your dry erase board is going to be for) and decorate it with anything that you don't want to be erased all the time.  "Menu" and "I love you because" are actually on the scrapbook paper.  Put the frame back together with the decorated paper behind the glass, and Huzzah, your very own homemade dry erase board! 

I did a torn-paper design on the menu board because the frame is 11x14 and one piece of scrapbook paper just wouldn't cut it.  I hope you enjoy making and using these.  I'm already thinking of a gazillion other places in the house where we could use them.  Shopping lists, household chores, school/activity schedules, graffiti boards for kids rooms, honey-do lists... I could go on.  Hehe. 

And here's where I got my inspiration from!  

This is the original menu board
The original "Love Board"

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