Thursday, 2 February 2012

Gigantic Picture = Awesome!

I saw this craft from Sugar Bee Crafts and HAD to try it!  The picture cost me under $7, the foam was $11 and $7 for spray glue.  Mandy from Sugar Bee has the tutorial on her link.

The only thing I can say about this is that our picture didn't come out as clear looking as hers seemed to have, but I took my picture with an iPhone, and I imagine that she probably used a decent camera.  Our picture of Coby (our Lab-Retriever) is grainy, but it actually looks good still.  My boyfriend loves it and can't get over how big it turned out.  Well, it is 4x3ft long!  Hahaha.

(The picture looks grainier in this picture.  It looks pretty decent hanging out here in our living room!)

Ok, so I'm impatient and I haven't actually glued the picture down to the board yet, but I still have to paint the foam.  I just want you to see how flipping big the thing is, and warn you that if you want a clearer picture, use a better camera than just your phones camera.  Hehe!  Also... The foam board... It comes in a 48"x96" piece, and I didn't plan for that so I had to cut it down to size at the store just so that I could fit it in my car.  Thank god I carry a utility knife with me for such emergencies!  Hehe.

Next time, I will make sure to use a proper digital camera and bring the truck to the store because I can definitely see myself making a few more gigantic pictures for different rooms in the house! 

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