Friday, 10 February 2012

A box of free!

One of Lance's work buddies gave him 2 boxes full of old stuff from his Grandfathers bar.  I was stoked!  I went through the box;  giving everything a good clean.  It's definitely made me want to have original pieces in our bar, rather than cheap knock-offs.  Here are a couple of pictures so far...

 I think this can be restored with a light behind it!
 I love this!  Lance, not so much but that's ok because it's going on the wall anyway!  
I just need a couple of old looking glass hurricane shades!
 Here are two smaller coats of arms and a bunch of vintage ashtrays. 
Not too sure what we'll do with the ashtrays, but I don't have the heart to throw any of it out.
 We were looking to buy some mirrors, but they were all so bloody expensive!  
Now we have five of them!!! =D

We also found a shuffleboard table and an Easton air hockey table on Craigslist.  Score!!!  We just need a floor and the room is pretty much complete!  Hooray!!!

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